Coon Rapids Recycling Center

The Recycling Center is located at 1831 111th Avenue NW (one block east of Hanson), Coon Rapids, MN 55433

Please bring your own help when bringing large items other than appliances or electronics. Recycle Center Staff cannot lift or load large items.

Small businesses are welcome. Acceptable materials include:

Antifreeze do not mix with other fuels
Appliances Appliance and electronics recycling available First and Third Saturday of the month.
Batteries all batteries accepted, including auto, alkaline and rechargeable
Bikes bikes are accepted in all conditions
Boxboard Cake, cracker, cereal, fruit snack boxes. Only boxes that have been kept dry. No boxboard that would go in the refrigerator or freezer. These items may be put in the mixed paper roll off.

Milk cartons
uice boxes
Soup, broth and wine cartons

Carpet $20 per load - requirements
Cardboard corrugated only, remove staples and tape Not accepted: soap or food boxes, no pop or beer cartons
CD's/DVD's these items are recyclable - separate from the case and place in plastic 3-7 container
Christmas Lights/extension cords All holiday lights, no large plastic decorations. Light strands must be removed from garland and metal yard ornaments. Any/all cords included.
Electronics Appliance and electronics recycling available the first and third saturday of every month.
Filters (oil) drain, residents only, no business waste
Fire Extinguishers $2.50 each, all sizes
Fluorescent lamps First 5 free. 4 ft. - .25, 8 ft. - .50, Compact or U or O shape, - .40, broken bulbs - $1.00, HID - $1.00 Residents only. Must show ID
Glass containers Food/beverage, bottles & jars; rinse. No window glass, dishes or light bulbs.
Hard and soft cover books All types accepted for recycling.
Mattresses/Box Springs 1st Saturday of every month. $15 fee for each piece.
Metal cans Rinse out aluminum, tin and steel cans. No aerosol or paint cans.
Mixed Paper Phone books, magazines, soft cover books and envelopes, mixed mail, school, office paper
Newspaper all newspaper including supplements
Packing Peanuts Re-Use program - clean & dry peanuts only, drop off or take some!
Plastic Bags Acceptable items: plastic grocery, dry cleaning, and newspaper bags. Plastic stretch/shrink wrap, retail bags (string or hard plastic ties removed), salt bags with plastic handles removed, bread bags, cereal bags, produce bags, frozen food bags with all food residue removed. Plastic wrap from paper products, plastic zipper bags without rigid closing mechanism & food residue removed. No foil lined plastic bags. All material must be clean and dry.

ALL ITEMS MUST HAVE RECYCLING SYMBOL AND NUMBER. If the item is not marked we are unable to take it. Anything larger than a 5 gallon bucket will NOT be accepted.

Plastic #1- ALL shapes and sizes of plastic accepted (even clamshells!)
#2: all shapes and sizes
#3: all food containers, laundry NO PVC Pipe, plumbing & conduit
#4: all lids, and food containers
#5: all plastic
#6: all plastic, CD cases NO foam egg cartons; take out trays, meat trays, or cups
#7: all plastic bags.

Propane Tanks Free - Please make sure they are empty. We do not accept 1# propane tanks, but all others up to 40# will be accepted for recycling.
Pop/beer boxes Place in black box. Must be kept separate from other paper because these boxes contain a wet-strength additive.
Remodeling Waste The following items are not recyclable:
Patio Doors
Windows and window glass
Railroad Ties
Please check with the recycle center first before bringing other remodeling waste items not listed.
For disposal options call your trash hauler or Elk River Landfill 763-441-2464.
Rigid Styrofoam There are many kinds of Styrofoam we cannot accept. Follow specific guidelines. This is a trial program. Material must be white, rigid, clean, dry and uncontaminated. Remove tape, stickers, labels, etc. Contain styrofoam in a bag. Not accepted: foam with tape or moisture. Material not accepted must be taken away by you. Only 5% of Styrofoam in the U.S. is being recycled at this time.
Scrap Metal Remove all non-metal material, no compressed air cylinders are allowed in the metal.
Styrofoam Products Styrofoam cups, trays, take out boxes, egg cartons. Do not combine with rigid block foam. (sorted in separate bins).
Tires See specifications and fees.
Vegetable Oil Vegetable based oils only, no grease, bacon grease or Crisco accepted
Vinyl Siding No aluminum strips, PVC pipe or vinyl gutters
Waste oil Limit 5 gallons. No business waste.

Staff Directory

  • Colleen Sinclair - Recycling Coordinator, Coon Rapids Recycling
    1831 111th Avenue
    Coon Rapids, MN 55433
    763-767-6485 Email