Coon Rapids Streets Division

The main responsibility of the streets division is to maintain city streets and sidewalks to ensure they are in safe condition. Maintenance includes repairing potholes, crack sealing, snowplowing and sanding. The City has 175 miles of residential streets, 400 cul-de-sacs and over 80 miles of sidewalk to maintain. The streets division maintains all blacktop streets. We have an on going crack sealing program, and potholes are repaired year-round.

The streets division is responsible for clearing snow from all city streets, cul-de-sacs and sidewalks. The City owns ten trucks with front plow and wings that plow paved streets. Sideewalks require a small sidewalk machine to remove snow.

The City of Coon Rapids also operates it's own sign shop where street and park signs are fabricated.

The Streets Division maintains City owned:

  • Residential roadways
  • Sidewalks
  • Signs, street lights, and traffic lights
  • Storm drain system

Other Duties:

  • Snow removal of City owned roadways
  • Street sweeping of City owned roadways
  • Mowing street medians and low maintenance Right-Of-Way locations
  • Assisting the Utilities Division with water main break repairs

Staff Directory:

  • Greg Cronin- Streets Supervisor