Coon Rapids Commissions

Coon Rapids Advisory Commissions Citizen participation in community affairs is vital to the progress of the City. The City Council appoints citizens who serve voluntarily on advisory boards and commissions in the City. Council has established many different advisory commissions and ad hoc committees which meet on a regular basis to address important issues to our community. A staff liaison is assigned to each commission to assist with agenda preparation, researching issues and coordination of programs or projects. Interested persons may volunteer by downloading a commission application from this website or by phoning the City Manager’s office at 763-767-6493 for an application. If you have a specific concern, contact the staff liaison at 763-755-2880.

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Arts Commission

Promotes local cultural productions and talents, including band concerts and art shows, and identifies and heightens community awareness of cultural needs in the community. The Commission coordinates community resources and encourages participation in cultural activities. Meets the third Tuesday of the month at 5:45 p.m. The staff liaison to the Arts Commission is Vincent Vu.

Board of Adjustment and Appeals

Conducts hearings to consider variances of the building or zoning ordinances and considers appeals from the decisions made by the Building Official or Zoning Administrator. Meets the first Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. The staff liaison for this Commission is Cheryl Bennett.

Civil Service Commission

Has jurisdiction over the employment, promotion, discharge, and suspension of all Police and Fire personnel. The staff liaison for this Commission is Matt Stemwedel.

Charter Commission

Exists for the purpose of advising the City Council regarding the City Charter, the fundamental governing power of the City. The Commission consists of 15 members appointed by the Chief Judge of the Tenth Judicial District. Voters in the City of Coon Rapids approved adoption of Home Rule Charter in June of 1959 allowing the Village to become a City as a municipal corporation. The Charter is the written instrument which creates and defines powers, rights and privileges for the City. The Charter Commission recommends amendments and additions to the Charter, with final approval by the City Council. The Commission meets on call as needed to review the Charter. The staff liaison to the Charter Commission is Dave Brodie.

Historical Commission

The Historical Commission acts as an advisory board to the City Council in matters relating to the preservation of buildings and lands which possess historical significance and recommends to the Council means of recognizing and recording historical events. The Historical Commission meets the third Thursday of the month (January through October) at 7:30 p.m. The staff liaison to the Historical Commission is Ned Storla.

Parks and Recreation Commission

Prepares and maintains a comprehensive plan for the development of parks and recreation within the City, makes recommendations to the City Council, and insures cooperation in park and recreational developments between various levels of government. Meets quarterly at the Public Works building. This Commission does not meet in December. The staff liaisons for the Parks and Recreation Commission is Gregg Engle and Ryan Gunderson.

Planning Commission

Prepares and maintains the City’s Comprehensive Development Plan, conducts hearings and makes recommendations to the City Council on proposed changes affecting land uses within the City, and considers site plan reviews and special use permits. Meets the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. The staff liaison for the Planning Commission is the Community Development Director.

Safety Commission

Responsible for developing a Community Safety Action Plan to deal with public safety in an attempt to prevent accidents. Meets the second Thursday of the Month at 7:15 p.m. The staff liaisons for the Safety Commission are John Piper and Brad Wise.

Sustainability (Green) Commission

Created in 2008, the Sustainability Commission researches ideas and options for sustainable living within the City of Coon Rapids. This includes reviewing current practices as well as working with the Coon Rapids City Council on various proposals for city building designs.  The Commission will focus attention on issues that impact energy and water use, building materials, waste management and recycling. The Commission meets the third Thursday at of each month at 6:30 p.m. at City hall. The staff liaison for the Sustainability Commission is Colleen Sinclair from the Coon Rapids Recycling Center.

The Sustainability Commission's mission statement: The Coon Rapids Sustainability Commission supports city efforts to promote a green, sustainable and affordable community by studying strategies and making recommendations that aid our community in reaching sustainability goals.