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Assessing Scheduling Form

  1. Please provide the property ID number as listed on your blue door tag/postcard/other letter or communication.

  2. Please provide the best phone number to reach you during daytime hours.

  3. Please indicate your first choice of date and time for appointment. Assessing staff schedule appointments for 30 minutes. Once staff arrives, they will spend 5-10 minutes in your home.

  4. Staff can accommodate a limited number of special appointments upon request. If you have a special request, meaning an appointment will not work for you between 8 am - 4 pm, please write your request here. A City staff member will contact you to schedule the appointment.

  5. Confirmation

    Staff will confirm your appointment date and time. Please indicate your preferred choice of confirmation (phone or email).

  6. Appointment Confirmation Preference

  7. Leave This Blank:

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