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1. What times will construction work take place?
2. When do I have to pay off an assessment?
3. Will road construction affect my underground sprinkler system?
4. Where is the best place to park during construction on my road?
5. Will my mailbox be impacted?
6. Will my mail delivery or garbage pickup be interrupted?
7. Will this project affect the trees or landscaping in my front or side yard?
8. How will the City reestablish my yard after construction?
9. How are curb replacements determined?
10. How are driveway apron replacements determined?
11. Will the location or width of my driveway be modified?
12. Can I have my entire driveway replaced or repaved as part of the project?
13. What if I am having an event such as a graduation party during construction?
14. Who do I contact if I have questions during construction?
15. Will my water need to be shut off?