Police Department

Posted on: September 23, 2016

Police Monument Dedicated at Coon Rapids City Center

A tribute to all Coon Rapids police officers is now officially complete out in front of the City Center. A new monument stands outside the department entrance and was officially dedicated in September. The statue, called the protector, features a police officer holding the hand of a small child. The project was spearheaded by former police chief Steve Wells and made possible through many generous donations. 

"This monument was built to honor the good women and men who have worked, who are working and one day will work as police officers for Coon Rapids in recognition of the inherent risks they assume to perform their sworn duties as guardians and servants to our city," says Coon Rapids Police Chief Brad Wise. 

A plaque outside City Hall features the names of the groups and businesses who donated to the project. Members of the public also purchased bricks that surround the protector statue. There are still spots available. If you'd like to purchase a brick, click here for a link to the order form. 

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