Garbage Cart Placement

 Snowplow crews rely on residents' help to place garbage, recycling and yard waste carts behind the curb when it is trash pick-up day. Carts placed in the street interfere with snowplowing operations. Crews are unable to plow the streets from curb-to-curb when carts are in the street.

City Code states:

  • Carts must be placed behind the curb, on the driveway.
  • Place your carts 2 feet behind the curb with at least 3 feet between your carts.
  • Waste haulers must place trash, recycling and yard waste carts off the roadway once they have been emptied. The carts will be placed on a homeowner's driveway, behind the curb.
  • Carts may be placed at the curb starting at 4:00 p.m. the day prior to collection day.
  • Carts must be returned to the proper storage location by midnight on the day of trash

Carts placed behind the curb also help street sweeping operations in the spring and fall.

Garbage Cans in Street
Improper cart placement: Snowplows cannot clean streets from curb-to-curb.
Proper garbage can placement
Proper cart placement: Carts are behind the curb which allows for snowplow and sweeping crews to clean streets from curb-to-curb.