Townhome Forums

The City of Coon Rapids hosts Townhome Forums a couple of times a year to provide information to members of townhome associations. Guest speakers talk about a wide range of topics from homeowner’s insurance to foreclosure. 

Past Topics Include:

  1. Foreclosures & Financial Reserves

    Foreclosures and Financial Reserves, the impacts on your homeowners association.

  2. Homeowners Insurance

    FEMA flood maps, fire prevention, and other issues to be aware of before paying your deductibles.

  3. Hoarding: Dangers of Excessive Storage

    Excessive storage in any home is not healthy and is potentially dangerous, but when it there are attached living units, there are additional concerns.

  4. Rentals in Homeowner Associations

    Issues to consider when deciding to allow, limit or prohibit.

  5. Hoot and Hollers - When is it enough?

    Noise disturbance, theft from vehicles, and scams.

  6. Healthy Lawn, Healthy Ponds

    Storm water pond care and lawn care tips from the pros.

  7. Board Members: Negotiating Mgmt Contracts