Learn About

  1. Citizens Awareness Project (CAP)

    Explore the Citizens Awareness Project and how it is a helpful learning opportunity for people who have committed a minor traffic offense.

  2. City History

    Read about the historical mural, the dam, the trolley car, and more.

  3. Civic Center Rentals

    The Coon Rapids Civic Center’s unique indoor / outdoor facility allows you to host a truly memorable event.

  4. Property Maintenance

    Property Maintenance issues and learn about City regulations and citation policies.

  5. Coon Creek Watershed District

    The watershed district is a special unit of government charged with maintaining a 134-mile public ditch system to provide drainage while preventing flooding and water pollution.

  6. Police Citizens Academy

    Learn about the Police Citizens Academy offered by the Police Department each fall as an educational tool to show the public the role of modern law enforcement.

  7. Recreational Fires

    Learn about recreational fires and the standards and guidelines of fires.

  8. Recycling

    The Coon Rapids Recycling Center is open to all residents of Anoka County. If you live outside Anoka County, contact your local city or county for services.

  9. Senior Services

    As a focal point for seniors (55 years and older), Senior Center staff and volunteers offer a variety of dynamic programs, educational classes, day trips, and social events throughout the year.