Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch has been a part of crime prevention since such programs began nearly 25 years ago. Today this program has an increased importance for our city. As Coon Rapids continues to rapidly grow, our population is spread over a greater area - crime potential rises with increased development.

Neighborhood Watch is a cooperative effort between police and citizens to help prevent crimes from occurring. It's focus is at the neighborhood level. Rather than trying prevent crime over the entire city, we concentrate our efforts in a smaller, more manageable area - your neighborhood. By generating watch groups, we effectively cover the entire city, making it a safer place for everyone.
Neighborhood Watch Logo
Community Involvement
What Neighborhood Watch requires is each citizen to become more aware of their own neighborhood and call the police immediately to report any suspicious activity. The neighborhood becomes the eyes and ears of the police department.

A police officer will instruct residents how to better secure their homes, increase personal safety and how to prevent thefts at home, work and in the community. Police Officers and community members get to know each other better through Neighborhood Watch.

Organize A Group
Anyone can organize a Neighborhood Watch Group. The group needs to conduct 2 official meetings per year. A police officer will attend the meetings. The 1st meeting is an informational meeting about the Neighborhood Watch program and free services offered by the Coon Rapids Police Department. The 2nd meeting can be about crime prevention or any police related topic that interests the group.

If you want to start a group in your neighborhood, contact Officer Tom Sharon at 763-767-6402, Officer Tanya Harmoning or send an email.

We encourage every neighborhood in Coon Rapids to organize a Neighborhood Watch group.