2015 Holiday Lighting Winners

Spreading Holiday Cheer

The 2015 Holiday Lighting Contest, sponsored by the Coon Rapids Arts Commission, encouraged residents to share in the spirit of the holidays by lighting up their homes!
Entries were accepted through noon on December 10, 2015.
Judging was based on overall impact, visual appeal, uniqueness, variety, safety and tidiness.
Thank you to everyone who entered the contest and congratulations to the winners!

All winners received a cash prize from the Coon Rapids Arts Commission.

Download a map of the 2015 Holiday Light Addresses Here


Motion Winner – 1st Place 

Jordan DeVries – 11837 Zilla St. NW

1st Place - Motion - 11837 Zilla St.
Motion Winner – 2nd Place
Jerry Murphy - 10940 Magnolia St. NW
2nd Place - Motion - 10940 Magnolia St
Still Winner – 1st Place
David and Gloria Teske – 1850 103rd Ave.
1st Place - Still - 1850 103rd Ave
Still Winner – 2nd Place
Wayne Woods – 11261 Swallow St. NW
2nd Place - Still - 11261 Swallow St.